Synthetic Slate



Synthetic Slate Tiled Huts are our stunning new roofing materials of choice! These tiles are mainly used on house roofing all over Australia and are designed to withstand heat. These tiles are extremely durable, light and easy to install. They will not fade or crack so there is no maintenance or replacement required on these beautiful tiles.
Square and Rectangular, we will custom make your hut to any size. We can even place terracotta crowns or ridge pieces on top, and easy-thatch underneath for the Bali look!

  • Synthetic slate is stronger than natural slate and has been specially engineered and designed to withstand hail.
  • UV resistant and flame-retardant. This also means that the colour goes all the way through—it’s not just on the surface. This is why it does not fade.
  • Synthetic slate is rated to withstand winds of up to 175 km/hour.
  • Easy to install If you know about proper roofing procedure and are working on a small project (like a gazebo), you might even be able to do it yourself.
  • Lightweight, about a quarter of the weight of natural slate per square metre. This means you won’t need extra roof support when you install it—saving you time and money.
  • Easy to maintain, the slates won’t split, fade or corrode. The surface is also designed to hide scratches and resist mould—your roof will look the same for decades after you install it.
  • Flexible – this makes them perfect for a curved roof, Indonesian-inspired gazebo or pool house.
  • Synthetic roof tiles are perfect for our Australian climate—it withstands the heat, wind and hail.

We also specialise in timber decks, steps, seating and hand rails and can build your deck to surround a spa or lay flush against poolside tile.