Bali Huts

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• Square Huts
• Rectangular Huts
• Splayed Rafter Huts

We only use Grade “A” White String Alang Alang thatch which is a naturally insulating material. It keeps the temperature underneath up to 10 degrees cooler.

We’ll build your hut with a 40 degree roof pitch, which together with thatch spacings at 80mm intervals, will make it 100% waterproof.

Custom sizes available, we measure your site and quote you.


  • Grade A Bali Thatch
  • Genuine imported Balinese Terracotta Crowns and ridge pieces
  • Australian F7 structural grade timber
  • “Integrain” timber stained
  • 150mm square dressed posts, or round
  • Galvanised fixings
  • Cement if needed


  • Fire Retardant thatch chemically treated to inhibit flammability is available.
  • Steel Post footings
  • Manufacturers Warranty on timber frame 7 years (excludes thatch)